Word Processor & the uncooperative table of contents.

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Word Processor & the uncooperative table of contents.

Postby Random guy » Tue Jun 19, 2018 2:47 pm

Recently i've been writing up a fair few documents within open office's word processor, and each time i have used the table of contents entry system in an attempt to make things easier.

I carefully input each heading to avoid another session of manual editing out mistakes.

However the first time i managed this without making a manual mistake resulted in every single heading being duplicated. This then became tedious as the only way to remove the duplicate was to delete the entry and add it again, meaning i had to do twice as much work.

Second time, i had the same issue.

Third time...... what on earth is this table of contents doing, it honestly has no logic to it whatsoever, now it's inputting entire paragraphs that i havn't even touched. It is beyond repair, i had to copy paste the entire document into a new save, and it did the exact same thing. Why? what possible purpose is there to have this table of contents make these ridiculous assumptions?

If you have the option to manually add entries, then why isn't there an option to exclusively use them? what's the deal?

Dont answer, i wont be here to read it, this feedback is to hopefully get this dumb thing fixed as if it simply did as i suggest, and allow you to create a table of contents with your manual entries, it would be perfect.

Instead it just always has to do its own thing. i'll continue to find out more about it but as is, it is just ridiculous. If there is a way to make sure it uses your exclusive manual entries, then it needs to be far more userfriendly than it is, because i've been looking, and it is no where to be seen.
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Re: Word Processor & the uncooperative table of contents.

Postby Hagar Delest » Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:25 pm

In such case, a sample file so that we can look at it would be helpful.
ToC works very fine. Else we would be overflowed with such questions.
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