Use PDFtk from within Writer

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Use PDFtk from within Writer

Postby musikai » Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:19 am

For the curious people that know PDFtk and wants to use features in Writer can have a look at the project at

Yes, that is also because I'm a little proud to present my work here.

Among lots of other things you can do:

- Import PDF-files and automatically create "invisible" headings from filenames as placemarkers that show up only in the Table-of-Contents and as PDF-Bookmarks. Automatically merge these PDF-files into the final PDF.
- Add and manage PDF-attachments to the whole PDF and/or to individual PDF-pages.
- Add and manage PDF stamp and/or background
- PDF Security Settings (to be used instead of LibreOffice builtin Settings when using PDFtk-features like pdf import and merging)

Thanks for testing. Please tell me when and if you find bugs.

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