VideoPoker (once again ...)

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VideoPoker (once again ...)

Postby Obi » Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:39 pm

part 1

Dear Sirs,
I molest you ^^ with my VideoPoker once again, but there was missing the ace at bottom in my prog. I fixed this now. The prog is therefore now completed and corrected to this up to now.

I changed five of my formula in the sheet;you gain more Straights of different variations therefore now. I think now I'm matching these exact video poker-Rules, it's fitting now. Plus this bonus of the info-cell (,which I had to change also (slightly)), and of course this freaky Mega Skip Straight-thing.

I had to accomodate many formulas of this prog;I now have only three possible round the corner-straights, which I think now is correct. You gain this ones with bottom-ace now as normal straights (,whemme I had seen as RoundTheCornerStraights falsely), and there are also four more Straight Flushs now. Plus you have more Mega Skip Straights, because I added this one with King on top and Ace bottom (it is: Ace, 4,7,10,king(fisher*g)). There also happen to be now some more "kleine Straßes", and also the Skip has now Ace-3-5-7-9 in it!

-please change D11 the part #NV to what is then on English AOOs #N/A I guess:
IF(AND(NOT(D8="#NV") 2 times has to be changed to your English AOO/OOo-version
to what is
This is more harmonic then, playing the application.
The reason is that I did this #NV-thing only to custom the german AOO/OOo-version.

So for this better looking, please also change all the
cells D6,D7,...,D10, if you have English AOO. Change it to #N/A then instead of #NV.
In done so, you would also have to accomodate the macro in Modul2;please (you have) to change those passus
G18z = Left(G18z,5)
if ZelleD3 = "Abc in Zahlen" or ZelleD8 = "#NV" then
by "#N/A" or what it is ~ in English OpenOffice, instead of "#NV"

I apologize for the ugly design. Totally in lack of Inspiration....

That's how it could look like then :
Screenshot ans Forum2.png
There's the signature thing,which I do not intend. In Excel then, you sure have to sign your macros. As far as I know, Excel is absolutely rigid and rigorous with its macros (Excel 2007; soon testing Excel 2010 on that also), even then since it splitted into .xlsx/.xlsm-files in 2007, I think, first and afterwards. You can ask about the sence of that, because .xlsm should be allowed in my thinking. Sometimes my opinion is MS didn't care/think enough 'bout that. I mean,there should be the 'magic word' "functionality" at least, as it is and was in OOo/AOO --
Code: Select all   Expand viewCollapse view
Bemerkenswert zum Thema Excel finde ich noch, dass, in DieseArbeitsmappe gepastet, der Code:
Private Sub Workbook_Open()
End Sub
praktisch dem StarOffice:
Sub GoToPoint_xx
dim document   as object
dim dispatcher as object
document   = ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame
dispatcher = createUnoService("")
dim args1(0) as new
args1(0).Name = "ToPoint"
args1(0).Value = "TAUSCH_ZIEHFELD"
dispatcher.executeDispatch(document, ".uno:GoToCell", "", 0, args1())
End Sub
Aber gut, AOO ist eine prima Software,von daher ist da nichts zu sagen.
Interessant;wenn ich ein "Option VBASupport 1" spendiere und folgende Zeilen ganz oben in Module 2 habe,
Option VBASupport 1
Sub GoToPoint_xx
End Sub
,und das als gerade operierende Version auch anschalte,
dann stört sich der Compiler in den weiteren,von Option VBASupport 1 nur als blinder Passagier durchlaufenden Codestücken dennoch daran,daß beim Funktionsaufruf 'Call' fehlt.
There is really no reason to play this game without the protect document - table,
because everything essential you have access to.
So, if you want to make big changes, then you may accomodate the prog,
but please don't forget: you have to close first if you had made any changes, and also should select D3 again, and of course with the "Abc in Zahlen" in it, because without these "magic words" the prog wouldn't run!
Please do some backuping also if you are ambitious to make multiple changes.
the password for the document - table is "Blume"(flower in german)

You have access to the cells C54 to J54 via the SUM-Info in/of the status bar!
Also you could check the values of those 2 * 16 coloured cells right top of the interface D3 (you have to scroll one time, then you see it). Every colour the same means a pair.
So, all of those cells, if the 8 cells on bottom (C54 to J54) have all the SUM '0' / the whole SUM of the 8 is 0, then you would have this famous error. And also in case of if the 16 pairs (two cells with same color always corresponding), which are coloured in variety, all have at least one of the two values SUM '0'! Then you have the other famous error.
remark: this really is very rare,
but if you're looking out for an for e.g. Excel-VideoPoker, then you have to take one in which the random numbers are generated in a FOR-Loop, or a DO-Loop. This then is not my approach or version, but then you would have real security. But, as said, in mine it's really very rare, and you could add some more matrixes in my version if it really should appear(/occur?) often. And, of course, theoretically the For or Loop otherwise could calculate a million years because they always have two or more numbers twice ;-)
The program never generates two or more exemplars of the same card, and also never g.s cards anew which were already drawn in the first passage. Before this could happen theoretically, it would crash in the described manner. So you see it's impossible then!

please excuse my English. Thank you.
Greetz Chris
made the few Changes FY if you have English Language
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Re: VideoPoker (once again ...)

Postby RusselB » Sun Nov 10, 2019 6:10 pm

Welcome to the Forums.
I can not determine what your question actually is, so, please, clearly specify what kind of help you are wanting in regards to this code/spreadsheet.
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