Not calculating SUM correctly

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Not calculating SUM correctly

Postby jrwalter » Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:15 pm

Hi all,

I'm trying to calculate the sum of 10 cells of values. They are all numbers, not text, and all set to AutoCalculate. I have also copied and pasted the values into a new column and retyped the same formula and still getting the wrong sum.

The sum should be $9021.28 but it keeps showing up at $9021.32. I have triple checked that each value is correct. I tried setting all the cells to ROUNDDOWN but that's not working and I'm wondering if that's what's tripping up the sum.

I'm a complete beginner at this so any help is much appreciated.
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Re: Not calculating SUM correctly

Postby RoryOF » Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:20 pm

See this reply on another list for an explanation and a solution
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Re: Not calculating SUM correctly

Postby John_Ha » Tue Dec 17, 2019 2:00 am

See below where I set B2, B3 and B4 to be equal to 1/3.

When I format the cell to display only two digits after the decimal I see 0.33 displayed. You are assuming this means that the actual value is 0.330000000000000000...

But the actual value held is 0.3333333333333333333333333... which is 0.0033333333333333333333333... bigger. When I add a lot of values all the little 0.3333333333333333333333333... get added as well and this is what causes the apparent difference.

The actual sum Calc calculates $9021.32 is correct. The value $9028.28 you get by manually adding the digits you see displayed is wrong.

If you want both values to be equal you must truncate each individual value to the accuracy you require (eg to 0.333 if you require three digits of accuracy) and display the answer to equal or greater resolution. It will now be 0.999000000000000000000000...

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