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[Solved] Convert LO .csv file to SQlite3.csv file

PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2019 2:14 am
by pizzipie
[SOLVED] Dumb me: I never did see that tiny box in the lower left corner that lets you edit the format of the csv file!!! Sorry.


I have about 500 records , each with 37 fields, in an address book downloaded from 'thunderbird' in csv format.

The 'thunderbird.csv' needs processing before SQlite3 will work.

Problem I have is that the 'thunderbird.csv' file field separator is a comma and I have a lot of data that includes commas inside the field. I am trying to change the comma separator to a semi-colon with LO Calc with no luck. If, when I save the file, I try to change the separator field from comma to semi-colon the text goes from 37 fields to one long string for each row.

Like to know what am I doing wrong here so I can fix it.

Thanks, R