[Tutorial] OOo Base in networked environment.

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[Tutorial] OOo Base in networked environment.

Postby r4zoli » Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:33 am

You can use OOo Base in networks, but don't forget that OOo Base is designed as a single-file, single-user database application for desktops.

If you intent to use Base in networked environment, your needs will drive you into two directions.

  • First use is not really suggested in networks, but you can use it if you don't want to go the second direction. If you use odb files rarely and if only one user at a time uses it, you can copy the odb file on a network drive. If a file has been opened by a user, when other users try to open the odb file, they won't get any error message, the Base odb file will be read only and functions grayed out. They will still be able to search in tables, run queries, forms, reports, but no data change will be allowed. Some drawbacks if you chose this solution: no user authentication; any user in a network who has a read/write access can use the odb file; you cannot follow who made the changes in the database; you cannot withdraw changes.
  • The best use of OOo Base in networks is to apply a “real” database server (MySQL, Postgresql, Firebird, etc.) with ODBC or JDBC connection to OOo Base. In this case, database tables are stored on the server and OOo Base works as a front-end; you can use database servers authentication, and use forms for data input, querying, and the reporting features of Base.
Links to different sources to OOo Base, databases and database drivers:
Connect MySQL and Base.
native MysQL driver
Firebird driver update for OO.org
OpenOffice Suite powered by Firebird Database
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Re: [Tutorial] OOo Base in networked environment.

Postby MSPhobe » Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:58 am

Since the post above was written, Open Office's database has been provided with a "native" connector for MySQL.

It is now (March 2013) possible to use Open Office as your front end, or "client", with a MySQL server. This opens up possibilities (multi-user, remote access to a database)... but is, of course, more complex.

For a guide to using the Open Office Base native MySQL connector, and associated material on setting up, running a MySQL server, see....

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