[Tutorial] Downloading Apache OpenOffice (sourceforge.net)

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[Tutorial] Downloading Apache OpenOffice (sourceforge.net)

Postby floris v » Sun Mar 29, 2015 11:14 pm

Because we get so many questions from people reporting malware, here's a short guide to download AOO from sourceforge.net.

* Click the download link at the bottom of the forum page.
* Select the default install file or select one from the list - language and operating system dependent. Click Download full installation or Download language pack. You are sent to http://www.sourceforge.net where the actual download files are hosted.


* In Firefox, wait for the dialog box in the picture to appear and click the button (Save file in English). In another browser, wait for something similar to appear. IE will ask in a narrow bar at the bottom of the window whether you want to save or run the file. Select Save. Chrome will display a button in the left hand corner of the window showing the download progress. In any case, don't click on any link on that page.
* Wait for the download to complete. You now have a safe install file. If your antivirus software warns you, it's very likely a false positive.
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