How to ask a question on the forum

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How to ask a question on the forum

Postby TerryE » Fri May 09, 2008 2:04 am

You have two main ways of seeking information from this forum or support from its members:

  • The first is to search the knowledge base represented in the topics already posted. You can do this by using the forum's search engine through the search button at the top right of every forum page, or by selecting the Advance Search option. Alternatively, you can use one of the Internet search engines such as Google adding the clause to your query (or even for the English section for example).
    Note that to improve forum performances, indexed words have at least 4 characters. If you want to search for words of 3 letters or below, you have to use the trick above.
    Advanced search.png
    Advanced search.png (2.95 KiB) Viewed 12806 times

  • The second method is to post a question on the forum yourself. If you want to post a question then you must first register to accept the forum's Policies and Terms of Use in respect of your submissions, so that other's like yourself can benefit from any dialogue. This simple process only takes a few minutes. Before posting any question, it is worth doing a search and also familiarising yourself with the Survival Guide for the forum. Remember: new question, new topic; old question post on existing topic.

    To post a question, either go directly to the Board Index link at the top left on any forum webpage then select the most appropriate forum to ask you Q. If you are new to OOo and this forum, then Beginners is a good place to start. You will see a NEWTOPIC* button on the left above the list of posts. Click on this to post your question.
Note that we answer questions through forum postings, so email and PM questions will almost certainly be referred back to this post. (Clearly 1-1 emails and PMs can be appropriate for private exchange with another poster, as long as both parties are happy to do this, but it is not in keeping with the openness of the forum solutions.)

Our exception to this policy is if you email because you are having difficulties in registering, and we will endeavour to answer all such emails. In this case please first read What do I do if I can't successfully register on the Forum? Note that about 70% of registration failures are due to invalid email addresses, and 25% are due to the users own email system treating our activation email as SPAM.
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Re: How to ask a question on the forum

Postby TerryE » Fri May 09, 2008 12:44 pm

25 May 08 added clarification on where to ask Q.
30-May-08 amended working to reflect jolley's point below.
25 Jun-08 further minor wording changes.
22-Dec-17 added screenshots [Hagar]

Please only post to this Topic if you want to discuss how you ask Qs. Any other posts will be moved or removed.
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Re: How to ask a question on the forum

Postby acknak » Fri May 30, 2008 3:48 am

Excellent question--it isn't obvious at first.

Go to the "Board Index" view (link at upper left of every page).

Identify the forum (subject area) that seems most appropriate for your question. If you're not sure which is the best match, use the "Beginners" forum, second from the top, under the "Survival Guide". Click on the forum name to visit that forum.

When you visit any forum, you find a list of topics for that forum, in blue, in the center of the page. There are buttons, at the left, above and below the list of topics, labelled in red: NEW TOPIC.

Click that button to start a new topic, where you can ask your question.
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