How to lay out a book cover with edge bleed?

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How to lay out a book cover with edge bleed?

Postby Jeff Root » Mon Aug 31, 2020 7:32 pm

I am editing and laying out a book for a friend who is the author.
This is the third book I have edited. I did the first book with
Open Office Writer. The second book already had some formatting
done to it in MS Word, so I used Word to finish it. I no longer
have Word. I am using Open Office Writer for the third book.

When I am finished editing, I convert the file to PDF and send it
to the printing company.

When I did the cover of the first book in OOW, I did not know how
to set the background color to make the entire cover colored from
edge-to-edge. So I left it white. I converted the file to PDF
and told the people at the printing company what color we wanted
on the cover. Somehow they were able to fix it so that the cover
was colored edge-to-edge.

I believe that the actual printing does not go to the edge of the
paper, but the pages are trimmed to size after they are printed.
The final dimensions of these books are 7" wide by 10" high. The
width of the spine depends on the number of pages, of course.

The second book had a photo on the front of the cover which needed
to go to the edges. So in MS Word, I set the width of the page to
15" (instead of 14" plus the width of the spine), and the height
to 11" (instead of 10"). I don't remember now exactly how I did
it, but that was MS Word, and I'm using OOW now.

It appears that I used Format > Page > Columns to divide the cover
page up into back, spine, and front sections. I did a lot of
guesstimating to do it, but the result was good. Everything fit
and was properly centered.

So I think that in order to get the color and photo to "bleed" to
the edges of the cover of the current book, I again need to make
the page oversize, as I did with the book I edited in MS Word.
But if I set margins for positioning text, the background color
only colors the area inside the margins.

If I don't set margins, centering text and pictures in a column
(back, spine, front) will make them off-center on the cover after
it is cut to size.

Is there a way to color outside the margins?

Or center text and pictures in columns without setting margins?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis
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Re: How to lay out a book cover with edge bleed?

Postby Zizi64 » Mon Aug 31, 2020 10:43 pm

You need use a different page style for the cover page, with zero margin values.
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Re: How to lay out a book cover with edge bleed?

Postby JeJe » Mon Aug 31, 2020 10:53 pm

Once you've prepared your page you could add a rectangle from the drawing toolbar set to wrap in the background
drawing object in background.odt
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