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Multiple Panes on One Screen

Postby N4HMR » Sun Dec 15, 2019 8:58 pm

Hello -

I seriously need to be able to display two separate ODT files at the same time on ONE screen.

I did a search for 'split panes' and found a hit back in 2009 but couldn't get the instructions to work. It said to hold the Cntl key down and double click in any gray area, then you should be able to resize the image. Didn't work. All it did was to highlight lines on the page depending on how far I moved the mouse.

I use Powerdesk by Avanquest, and it has a superb feature for presenting dual pane images on the same screen. Note: Powerdesk is a souped up version of Windows Explore on steroids, not a text editor, but the reference is still valid. From my notes, the controls for this feature are:
1. How to Display Multiple Panes on the Same Screen

1. To display multiple screen panes, go to View, then File Panes. The popup then shows:
Single Pane - Cntl 1
Dual Pane Horizontal - Cntl 2
Dual Pane Vertical - Cntl 3

Swap Panes - Cntl W
Pane Lock - No key

Also, there are icons on the toolbar for the above functions. They are icons #6-10 from the left, and are in the order as shown above.

Note: When a dual mode pane mode is selected, horizontal or vertical, all 'header' info above the target information remains displayed only once. The two panes only display target data so no screen space is wasted in duplication.

Both panes initially display the same data, so you have to choose one to load a new selection. The active pane has a highlighted separation bar and the above header functions are only operational for the active pane.

This would be a fantastic addition to OO.

But, in the meantime, can anyone tell me what I was doing wrong in my earlier attempts?


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Re: Multiple Panes on One Screen

Postby jrkrideau » Mon Dec 16, 2019 10:09 pm

I just open two files, reduce size of one and have both available.
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