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Insert Envelope keeps crashing on Envelope Fields

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2019 1:37 pm
by marelli
(I'm using the Dutch version of OpenOffice thus some menu items might be incorrect translated by me)

As an initial test I created a database using Base with imported Calc data and registerd this database in OpenOffice.
Then I inserted an Envelope using Writer and suceeded to print a few envelopes with the correct Fields
So far so good.

Then I started all over with fresh data in a new Sheet in Calc (new filenames); created a Base using this new sheet and registered that one also to OpenOffice.
In Writer I inserted an Envelope and noticed that the previous Adressee Database fields were still listed in the Adressee sub-window (in /Envelope\).
Trying to delete these entries causes Writer to crash completely. After recovery of the document Writer keepd crashing on these lef over fileds.
Selecting my new Database (including selection af table and fields) doesn't change anything. Adding new fields also causes Writer to crash instantly.
The 'old' fields remained listed and cannot be removed.

What am I doing wrong here? Did I miss something following the tutorials? Do I need to un-register databases first (how??)

help is appriciated!