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Resources on ePos and open source systems

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 4:38 pm
by r2openeimer
Hi. Since I joined about a month ago I have been trying to solve some issues which were mainly related to ePos systems and data gaps in small businesses within the retail sector which has challenged my skills and capabilities to do so. The aim was to find a secure and stable way to bridge the data between the old database system which is storaged directly to other content management systems to an open software. Due to some issues of incompatibility we triggered this transformation hoping that would enhance the adaptability of systems and data cross-functionally between different stores unifying and centralizing information flows and ways of securing and storaging data. Someone else have ended up solving the problem since I could not figure it out. This made me realize that there's a whole new world for me in open source tools. I have actually tried to look for distance courses, where there seem to be the most affordable related education as I was advised. Also in guides and forums like the one below that I could find in old posts. Since this seems a small community with highly skilled and dedicated people as I observed in several threads, you might want to give advise on how to increase my knowledge and improve my skills working on open source tools and IT systems within business challenges for both e-commerce and traditional, and recommend sources of information related to the type of issues you usually face on this field. Could you list them below?