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What do I do if I can't successfully register on the Forum?

PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:13 am
by TerryE
  • I didn't get my email confirmation to allow me to authorize my account
    This may seem trite but on the basis of analysing the last year's worth of non-deliveries and "hanging" authorisations, two reasons for non-delivery stand out:
    1. You've mistyped your email address (or you're a SPAMer :-))
    2. Your mail client or your ISP has some form of anti-spam filter which is preventing our inbound email arriving. I have some sympathy for the Mail service providers because they wage a continuous war against spammers, and use a lot of automated tools to detect SPAM sources. Unfortunately they sometimes get it wrong and classify legitimate forums as spammers. In this case you might be able to set up your filters to trust inbound messages from our mail domains allow, but there are just so many Mail ISPs that we can't contact everyone. We've given in logging onto these websites and filling in these long justifications as to why emails from should be allowed, as we just don't have time to go to these verification sites. The major ISPs understand that is a legitimate organisation. Some of the minor services such as ask us to fill in a form per recipient providing full name of the recipient (which we don't know). In both cases, the simplest recourse for you is to email our contact address with a polite request to activate your account. Please give us your user ID and email from the email address that you want to use as your response. If your email seems a genuine request then we will activate the account within 24 hrs, but note that if your email system throws away the alerts that you have asked for then there is nothing we can do to help here.
  • What happens if I don't activate my account? The activation confirmation is sent immediately by the forum. Under normal circumstances it should arrive at your inbox and enable you to activate your account within minutes. We will send you an activation reminder after 3 days. In the case of new accounts we delete inactivated ones after a week. This may seem harsh, but this unlocks the username and mailbox for reuse.

  • I can't see the Captcha code or some of the action bullets don't work
    It may be that you have a visual impairment, though at the moment we are also finding some Firefox users have configurations setup issues (not displaying PNG images; viewing without CSS enabled). We are tracking down the latter, but again a polite email to our contact mailbox will trigger manual activation.

    We have have also found that some caching and download accelerators such as Google Web Accelerator incorrectly optimise the HTML stream that the forum produces resulting in the removal of dynamically generated images such as the Captcha text image. If you are having such problems then you may wish to [temporarily] turn off such optimisers.

  • Nothing worked
    Send a message to:<at>
    Beware if you use an email with an alias, the mail won't get through, see: email account appears as "outlook_[long series of letters and numbers]" in Outlook for Windows

Re: What do I do if I can't successfully register on the Forum?

PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 1:53 pm
by TerryE
Updated 13-July 2009. Updated the wording. Many ISPs are increasing their thresholds so this is becoming an increasing administrative overhead for us.