Your Android contacts accessible in LO / AOO

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Your Android contacts accessible in LO / AOO

Postby psilocybe » Thu Dec 19, 2019 5:25 pm


I am happy to be able to present to you, a new gContactOOo extension allowing you to access your Google contacts.
This version is read-only with automatic update (and not yet in the background) when connecting.
The extension:

Thank you in advance for reporting any malfunction to me.


I forgot to specify for LibreOffice users the need to have no Hsqldb driver installed with LibreOffice (see your Installed Application under Windows or your Packet Manager under Linux)

The use of hsqldb 2.5.x forces me this limitation ... Besides, wouldn't it be good to have a 1.8.1 driver in extension ... This would be a good workaround?
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