JODConverter: Convert xlsx to PDF in LANDSCAPE, all sheets

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JODConverter: Convert xlsx to PDF in LANDSCAPE, all sheets

Postby zmotiwala » Thu Jan 14, 2021 8:57 pm

Using the following code snippet

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        Map<String,Object> printSettings = new HashMap<String,Object>();
            printSettings.put("PaperOrientation", PaperOrientation.LANDSCAPE);
            printSettings.put("PaperFormat", PaperFormat.TABLOID);
            PropertyValue[] printerDesc = OfficeUtils.toUnoProperties(printSettings);
            XPrintable xPrintable = OfficeUtils.cast(XPrintable.class, document);

My first sheet in the xlsx file converts to landscape mode and tabloid paper format. But the rest of the sheets print in portrait mode. Is there any way to apply this for all sheets?

I am using JODConverter and LibreOffice.

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