Start & stop script in Playnite (a game manager)

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Start & stop script in Playnite (a game manager)

Postby Mondriaan » Fri Nov 27, 2020 12:26 am

I am using Playnite (a game manager) to run my game collection.
Some of this games use a gamepad others keyboard.
Because i use 2 monitors i play the game on primary monitor (Smart TV) i put a spreadsheet on the second monitor where i can see the primary keyboard input.
Play nite gives the possibility to use scripts and thats why i wanted to start automatic the spreadsheet at the same time with the game, the first two steps work flawless but when it comes to closing the spreadsheet after i end the game it is not working, the spreadsheet does not close.

The Playnite procedure is as follow.

Start-Process "E:\Storage\Imagebestanden\Spellen\Y\Gamename.ods"

Then i start the game and both steps run perfect but when i stop the game and use the script to close the OpenOffice worksheet with,

Stop-Process -Name Gamename.ods (this is the official procedure).

Even when i enter the OpenOffice execute (soffice.exe) in the procedure the spreadsheet wont quit, i know that the spreadsheet is soffice.bin but when i enter this in the Playnite program then when i start OO it gives the message that the spreadsheet has to be tested for errors.

Apache Open Office 4.1.6. on Windows 10
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