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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:12 pm
by longi

In this thread Villeroy got a subreport, which is a big (and good) effort!:

Long time ago I asked how to insert a text-table under a previous text-table:

And I suggested the possibility to use it in order to insert a subreport having that table and filling it whit data from one query.

After that I was helped by MTP about a little question about how to deal with an array in order to finish a chart job I was working in. The final result is attached here.

In this example I got a text-table subreport and a chart subreport (so two different subreports inside the initial report).
This technique is useful for Open and Libre.
I Know my code is really weird and complex (no practical), however I shown that we can make subreports (as Villeroy got too- in a much much better way, of course!).
To sum up, I think we can do lots of little things, but some of them should be implemented by AOomakers or LOmakers.

Dreams! ;)