[Issue] OOBase Report Builder with "Create Report in Design"

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[Issue] OOBase Report Builder with "Create Report in Design"

Postby shrikant_US » Fri May 30, 2008 7:00 am


I have OpenOffice 2.4 installed, with sun-report-builder 1.0.3 updated in Extension Manager on my laptop.

I have a table called "TblProject" which has records like shown below:
Region Project PM Name
Mumbai Project 1 PM 1
Mumbai Project 2 PM 2
Mumbai Project 3 PM 2
Delhi Project 4 PM 3
Delhi Project 5 PM 4
Chennai Project 6 PM 5
Chennai Project 7 PM 5
Chennai Project 8 PM 6
Chennai Project 9 PM 6

Using the option "Create Report in Design View ..." (which gives an enhanced interface than "Use Wizard to Create Report ..." option) available in OpenOffice Base -- Report Menu, I am trying to generate the report like shown below. I mapped the table to the report data by selecting table "TblProject" as "Content" in the property. I created "Group" called "Region" wherein I placed "Region Lable" as well as "Region Field" and in the "Detail" section I placed fields "Project" and "PMName". Now when I am trying to execute this report, it shows me BLANK page.

Report Expected:
Region: Mumbai
Project PM Name
Project 1 PM 1
Project 2 PM 2
Project 3 PM 2

Region: Delhi
Project PM Name
Project 4 PM 3
Project 5 PM 4

Region: Chennai
Project PM Name
Project 6 PM 5
Project 7 PM 5
Project 8 PM 6
Project 9 PM 6

I would like to know, whether I missed any step or its a know issue in the mentioned version.

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Re: Issue : OOBase Report Builder with "Create Report in Design"

Postby DrewJensen » Fri May 30, 2008 9:13 am

yes - that is a known bug - and continues through today with the 1.0.4 SRB released...there should be a new 1.0.5 any time now..but till then the only solution is to revert to the 1.0.2 release of the extension.

You can get the earlier version by going back to the extension site and selecting show all releases...
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