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[Solved] Consecutive entries from adjacent columns

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2008 6:18 am
by jaleks
[SOLVED] OS is Ubuntu 7.10, OOo is 2.3.1,Deb, JRE is 1.6.0_03, Report Builder is 1.0.1
Should I address this to another place?
How do I print on consecutive lines if: Column A is building, Column B is room and Column B changes room number. Adjusting height of Detail section of Report Builder, by dragging and dropping its bottom line or
adjusting height by numbers in right column, does not allow second entry of Column B to be on next line down when Column B is indented with respect to Column A. Moving label blocks to top of Detail
section, then indenting data blocks and setting them touching each other, does not correct the problem. The second entry from Column A occurs close enough to last room entry. It is only the entries of rooms in same
building that are spaced too far vertically to use. The desired result is :
Building 1 what actually happens is: Building 1
Room A Room A
Room B
Building 2 Room B
Room A Building 2
Room B Room A

Room B

Re: Consecutive entries from adjacent columns

PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 7:28 am
by jaleks
[Solved] Just not quiet the way I would like it but it is usable. Will keep working on it though.

Re: Consecutive entries from adjacent columns

PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 7:31 am
by DrewJensen

You know I had a hard time understanding just what you where trying to get at - I'm glad you got it solved, but if you are still not sure it is what you want, maybe put up how you solved it and it might help to understand what you really are trying for and maybe have another way to go at it.

Re: Consecutive entries from adjacent columns

PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 10:41 pm
by jaleks
Drew, thanks for the response. I've taken some screen shots and will try to get them to you
as an attachment. The first, "Screenshot 1" shows the position of the boxes labeled Building and Room
side by side. This is the way I can use the report but not the preferred way. The "Screenshot 2" shows
the positions of the two boxes as I would like the report to show. The "Screenshot 3" shows the result
of using Screenshot 2. Notice the wide separation between A1 and A2 and also between B1 and B2.
I would prefer to have A1 and A2 be on "consecutive" lines, not skipping lines. So far, everything I've tried
has resulted in the effect of Screenshot 3. There are many more rows and columns involved but the solution
to these four items will solve the remainder. I know it has something to do with the "label" of the Building
entry. Neither inclusion as print (yes/no) nor adjusting height in the control panel, or by dragging and dropping
the bottom line of the detail section will give me the result for which I hope. Using Screenshot 1 position, I can get it to print with room entries on consecutive lines. However, if I save it as a template, the next time
I open it, it opens as in screenshot 3. For now I can handle it the way it is but if there is a solution and I am
missing it, I sure would like to know.
Thank you for your interest in this problem and its solution.

Re: Consecutive entries from adjacent columns

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 12:02 am
by jaleks
[Solved] Over come by events.

Re: Consecutive entries from adjacent columns

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 12:17 am
by DrewJensen
Ok I am totally confused I guess - and after spending the better part of today in the Report Builder, who wouldn't be. ( not this problem - Invoices...arrrgh )

Don't laugh but - any chance you have a scanner and if so, can you dtaw a picture of what you want and scan it in...

You have Buildings and Rooms - but three text boxes and the example shows three values...

Do you want

Code: Select all   Expand viewCollapse view
    Room_A          Number
    Room_b          Number
    Room_A          Number
    Room_B          Number

Or an I just getting this wrong - because if so then you can use a group header for that - But I think I am just missing the point of what you want.

Re: Consecutive entries from adjacent columns

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2008 6:40 am
by jaleks
Thanks Drew for the response. I solved my problem by first putting the empty data boxes for the columns in the
detail portion of the report, then putting their labels in the report header portion. Then I put new empty data boxes
for the columns in the report header, adjusted them to smallest possible and still find them, placed them at the
0.00 point on the Y axis, and their labels in the position I wanted them to appear (offset) to the empty data boxes
I had placed in the detail portion. I reduced their labels in the detail portion to the smallest possible and
place them at the 0.00 on their Y axis. I had to eliminate page header/footer and report footer. Then it was
just a matter of adjusting the height of the various boxes, labels, and the detail and report header sections
until it prints as I want it. Since, I have also set up a 7 column section in a similar method so I can transcribe
about 375 pages of 50 records each and then let the owner put his over 100 year old book in proper storage.
(His book is about 24 inches by 12 inches and about 4 inches thick and very fragile). Now, if I can learn to
write a macro .... 8-) Thanks for the interest and the help.