[Solved] "Unrecognized database format" MS Access 2007 Win 7

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[Solved] "Unrecognized database format" MS Access 2007 Win 7

Postby miasma.gajs » Wed May 06, 2015 11:30 pm

Have been using Base to run queries against an MS Access 2007 database (.accdb) on XP. Moving to Windows 7 Pro SP1 and having problems connecting to the accdb. I have read this thread and done everything there (I believe!) but still encounter the above error message.

This happens whether I try to connect using the original Base (.odb) or create a new odb.

Any help much appreciated.
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Re: "Unrecognized database format" MS Access 2007 Win 7

Postby miasma.gajs » Thu May 07, 2015 10:03 am

Well, sometimes the easiest explanation is the simplest... I, or Bill Gates, had managed to corrupt the accdb. Fixed and all working now. Sorry for the red herring.
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fix"Unrecognized database format" MS Access 2007 /2010/2013/

Postby edwards142 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:32 pm

Well this particular Unrecognized Database Format Error usually comes when the Jet database engine was improperly shut down during the process of writing to disk. If you are looking for the fixes then go with this post and try the fixes mentioned in it…..you will surely overcome this issue.

Read more:

[url=httpx://www.accessrepairnrecovery.com/blog/how-to-repair-ms-access-error-3343-unrecognized-database-format-in-ms-access]Top Fixes To Repair MS Access 3343 “Unrecognized Database Format “ Error ![/url] :bravo: :super:
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Re: [Solved] "Unrecognized database format" MS Access 2007 W

Postby shanaya » Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:22 am

There are multiple causes for ‘unrecognized database format’ error which are:
1. Inadequate permissions to access the database
• In case if the domain admin with full access rights can open the Access database on the server, the issue is due to permissions on the domain or that folder where the Access database is located. Granting full permissions to all users on the network share may help resolve the “Unrecognized Database Format, the database is corrupt or in an inconsistent state”.
• If the issue is still not resolved, assign Local Admin rights to all the users on that server.
• Lastly, check the custom permissions on the database which displays the ‘unrecognized database format’ error.
2. Opening the database in different versions, and abrupt closure
Inaccessible Access database may result in corruption, which can be resolved with the help of Compact and database Repair Utility provided by Microsoft
• Launch Microsoft Access and go to Database Tools
• Select Database Utility “Compact and Repair Database” option
• A new window opens. Select the database file which shows the error code
• Click compact to initiate the Access database repair process

Note: Does not repair interface objects such as forms or reports. In case the backup copy is not available, then the user may end up losing data available in forms and reports.

So, in order to resolve Access file corruption error “Microsoft Access Unrecognized Database Format Error” and repair objects like forms and reports you can make use of a tool from Stellar named Stellar Repair for Access. This tool will help in fixing Unrecognized Database Format Error and repair corrupt mdb and accdb files and recover macros, modules and relational databases. You can use free trial of the software to get a preview of database objects for precise recovery.
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