Displaying data from related tables

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Displaying data from related tables

Postby storebased » Mon Jan 14, 2008 1:47 pm

Hi there,

I want to show data from a table that is related to the table which is the source for a form

Just as an example: Suppose I got a
Clienttable : (id, name, countrynr)
and a
Countrytable (countrynr, countryname)

I relate those to on common field "countrynr" (tools, options, relations)

Now I make a form based on Clienttable. I want to show (readonly) the field countrytable.countryname.

How can I display this data? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Displaying data from related tables

Postby kabing » Mon Jan 14, 2008 2:47 pm

You need a subform for the second table.

Take a look at this thread from the OpenOffice.org Forums.

If you still have questions after that, please post back.

If that solves your question, please at [Solved] to the title of your first post in this thread.

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