How to "If spreadsheet cell contains Yes insert document"

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How to "If spreadsheet cell contains Yes insert document"

Postby eildn70 » Fri Apr 17, 2020 6:29 pm


First of all I'm on Libre Office. I hope that's ok for me to post here. I believe libre office is a fork of open office so I'm guessing they work the same. If I need to find another forum, sorry. Just let me know.

I've recently moved over to Linux Mint. Previously on windows. All the business documents were constructed in MS word and I'm converting them to ODT format. I have all the mail merge documents set up ok as they are simple enough - apart from one. I'm stumped with this one.

It's a health and safety document. It is linked to the spreadsheet and checks to see if I've entered "Yes" in particular boxes. If it finds yes in a box it inserts all the text from another document. This field is reused multiple times in the document and pulls in all the necessary risk assessments and method statements.

Here is the formula that did the job in MS word. it will explain better than my attempt above what I need to achieve. If anyone is curious by the way, RAMS stands for risk assessment / method statement.

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{ If { MERGEFIELD RAMS 4 Extension ladders } = Yes {INCLUDETEXT “D: \\Documents\\HEALTH & SAFETY\\RAMS generic\\RAMS\\RAMS 4 – Extension ladders.docx” } “”}

Can this be achieved in Libre office or open office (as I could move over if open office is better). I've been searching and searching and I cannot find the way to start. I've spent ages looking through the
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insert field - more fields
menu but haven't found the way to get started yet, and I've googled it to death too.
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Re: How to "If spreadsheet cell contains Yes insert document

Postby Zizi64 » Sun Apr 19, 2020 8:03 am

Sorry, I can not understand, why and where you want to insert a textual Writer document into a spreadsheet file...

Or you want to open / load the Writer document into the system memory only?

Or you want create a Hyperlink only to the Writer document in a spreadheet cell?
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