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Setting up ooa with a database as back-end...

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:54 pm
by jweinberg
The Open Document format specification: ... cification ... part1.html
is essentially based on a zipped xml file with some well-defined internal directories.

I do corpora research, so the constant zipping and unzipping in order to run queries which then blindly run in a linear, textual way, would be prohibitively expensive. Text (free language usage kind) you can not express through a DAG, but xml-ish data you certainly can. So, I was thinking of an interface that would still maintain the functional illusion of saving ODF files onto a file system, but internally that fs path would just be a pointer to a table in a database and once the data is updated the database processing takes it from there.

Does the java UNO API provide a hook into the File -> Save ... , File -> Open, ... IO operations facilitating the encapsulation of such functionality?

I don’t think that implementing such a functionality (letting users define the interface to whatever back-end they choose as part of the setup) is a big deal. This idea could be worked up into a RFE for the spec itself.