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Creating a bulleted list?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:36 pm
by RhinoCan
I'm writing Java programs that use the UNO API to create documents. Can anyone point me to Java examples that create bulleted lists?

I've been reading the Developer's Guide and there's a page that comes relatively close to what I want. Unfortunately, this is created numbered lists and there seems to be a lot of extra rigamarole involving creating arrays of property sets, selecting paragraphs, and so forth. At least I _think_ (and hope) it is over and above what I want. After all, I'm not trying to reformat an existing document, I am creating a new one from scratch. I'm basically trying to find code that says, in effect, "for this next bit of the document, I want to write a bulleted list with indentation values of such-and-such and a bullet character of a small filled circle. Then, after the list is done, I want to write paragraphs again."

Can anyone confirm that my code only needs to say "from this point until we're done the list, I want to see a list consisting of these sentences, using the indicated indentation and bullet"? Or do I really need to create styles, register them, etc. etc.?