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OpenOffice spreadsheet locked

PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 6:30 pm
by Adjer108
I have a number of spreadsheets that will not open. I can open them using Libre Office. Libre Office tells me that I have locked my Open Office files. I can only read the spreadsheets in Libre. Q. How do I unlock my Open Office spreadsheets. Thanks, Adjer108.

Re: Open Office spreadsheet

PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 6:50 pm
by Hagar Delest
Hi and welcome to the forum!

What format? Native ODF (.ods) or external format like .xls/x?
Are they read only (properties that can be checked by a right click in the file Explorer)?
Any protection with a password?
Can you at least save them under another name?
Are they stored in a folder on which you have read-write access?

Re: OpenOffice spreadsheet locked

PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 12:17 pm
by Adjer108
Thanks for your reply.
Format? don't know, just says Open Office Spreadsheet. .ods rings a bell I think.
Right click gives a menu only, Sort by, Group by etc If I L click then R click I get a different formula, Open , Open with etc.
No protection used.
Cannot save because cannot open in Open Office.
I have used this system for many years & had no problems opening & writing
I can Open & Write In Libre Office which I do not use, except now.