[Solved] Slow-Loading Calc App: Issue and solution

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[Solved] Slow-Loading Calc App: Issue and solution

Postby JCMegabyte » Fri Apr 09, 2021 1:28 am

Platform: PC/Laptop running WINDOWS 10

Calc recently started taking 30-60 seconds to load (gray screen with spinning cursor icon), BEFORE it ever started opening the requested spreadsheet. Didn't matter which spreadsheet I tried, including a fresh/empty sheet I created just for testing purposes.

Turns out that Calc was waiting for an external USB storage connection to time-out so it could move on to loading the spreadsheet from the internal (C:) drive.

Specifically, my smartphone was attached to the PC via USB cable but the phone's screen was locked, which also disables access to the phone's internal USB storage even though the device still appears in the PC's drive list.

Solution: disconnect the USB cable from phone to PC, or, unlock the phone's screen. Calc then loads all spreadsheets quickly/normally again.

Hope this helps someone!

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