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[Solved] How can I move the formula display?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 8:39 am
by MathFool
Hi, I have a questions and could not find what I was looking for in the manual. How do you move around the problems? I know I can move the box I type the expressions into, but I don't know how to move the expression around. What I really want is to put it on the upper left hand corner. I tried Alighn Left from the formats section, but it only moved the terms to the left side of my fraction.

Late Edit: if my goal is just a tips sheet, am I better off just using Writer? This Math program seems kind jumpy. Does Writer have the same functions for writing equations?

Re: How to move the problems around?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:04 am
by keme
Math is not intended for creating standalone documents. It is possible to save a math object as a separate file, but Math in itself has no concept of page (boundaries, margins, orientation). If you try to print a slightly complex formula directly from Math, it is quite possible that the output will be an unintelligible mess, because of parts of the fomula dropping "out of bounds" where positioning is undefined.

The best approach in many cases is to insert a formula object into a Writer document. When you do that, the default anchoring of the formula is "as character", so it follows the text flow. You can right click the formula object to change that. Anchoring to paragraph is fine if you have a flow of examples. If you use one page for each example, it may be better to anchor the object to page.

Note that alignment choices work differently depending on the context you are working in. If you are editing the formula, choosing left alignment will align all grouped items (like fractions and stacked items) to the left within the group. When you exit the formula (go back to Writer context where the formula is an inserted object), left aligning the formula will move it to the left margin without altering internal formatting within the formula.

Re: How to move the problems around?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:54 pm
by acknak
You might take a look at the "Getting Started with Math" guide: OOo Guides

I also find this "Math cheatsheet" (attached to issue 72777) to be a huge help.

Re: [Solved] How to move the problems around?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 1:23 pm
by edward77
Hi, I recently put in a query as to how one moves a Math equation box in an Open Office text doc. I did not get an answer and now discover the query has been removed. Have I done something wrong?

Re: [Solved] How to move the problems around?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 1:48 pm
by robleyd
It has been moved to a new topic - see viewtopic.php?f=7&t=101641&p=490301

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