OO2.3 maco engine not compatible with previous versions?

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OO2.3 maco engine not compatible with previous versions?

Postby ejmopenoffice » Thu Mar 27, 2008 11:08 pm

I have been using OOo to produce documents for my KSU mathematics courses, for the past six years. GREAT program. I love the 'command line' option in the Math Editor. I also extensively use the incredible Draw document: GraphPlotter.sxd, written, and donated by an OO0 user.

I just solved a showstopper problem (for me) in Math Editor. I updated to OOo2.3 and found that I could not edit Math Editor objects after they were created. (Solution: delete ALL copies of 'openoffice.org2' ANYWHERE on the local drive, relaunch OO2.3, and it now functions correctly)

I have now seemed to have run into another showstopper (for me) .......OOo2.3 will not open GraphPlotter.sxd.

The ability to produce high quality graphs with GraphPlotter is wonderful. I insert them in worksheets and tests, and tutorials. I animate them in classroom Impress slideshows during my daily lectures. Very effective!

If I can not find a solution to this, I will have to uninstall OOo2.3 from all of my workstations and reinstall OO2.2.

(I also note that the 'File-New-Drawing' option is not present, and seems to have been rolled into the 'Presentation' option for constructing new files.)

Any help would be appreciated, as GraphPlotter.sxd is invaluable in my work.
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Re: OO2.3 maco engine not compatible with previous versions?

Postby Hagar Delest » Thu Mar 27, 2008 11:43 pm

You should try to upgrade to 2.4, it has just been released.
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