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MathML issues

Postby net-buoy » Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:05 am

Can someone help me with some MathML format issues?

Is OOo Math storing equations in MathML or in text form?
If I export an OOo doc with formulas to xhtml I lose the formulas; since the formulas should be viewable in xhtml if present as MathML, why aren't the formulas appearing at all, let alone in MathML format?
If I export the doc in xml (MS) format I get gobbledygook, while if I export in docbook I get something like <para>text of formula</para>... why no MathML? Is this because OOo does not store the equation as MathML?
What is available or on the horizon for exporting or saving OOo with MathML (other than simply exporting just the equation as an mml file)?
The discussion about technologies to address equations has been going round and round for years but though MathML has been in place for sometime as well as Tex, there is no transparent way to manage equations save my manufacturing documents with myraid little images.....
I love my OOo, but would love to resolve this issue.....
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Re: MathML issues

Postby acknak » Tue Feb 19, 2008 5:47 am

It's a known limitation that seems to have a very low priority. See Issue 72924: Export-XHTML: Known OLE Objects are not traversed, which is marked as a duplicate of Issue 22012.
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