[Solved] Extrusion icon on Drawing/Extrusion bars disabled

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[Solved] Extrusion icon on Drawing/Extrusion bars disabled

Postby DingBEN » Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:49 am

WIN 7 Pro Open Office Draw 3.3 or 4.1.2
I was on 3.3 trying to learn this new tool (DRAW), extrusion never enabled, so I upgraded to 4.1.2... no different!?
What needs to be turned on/off so the extrusion icon on the Drawing toolbar and the extrusion toolbar will enable!?
I am advanced on MS Word graphics. Please, don't give me ABCs that I should have a 3D object selected...

- Help on the OODraw application is useless
- Not one post with the word extrusion?
- ONLY guides I find are NOT on the web site's links as all those lead to empty folders!?
- https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Docume ... Guide/Draw is practically useless.

Should I abandon Open Office?
Why is such simple matter so hard to resolve!?
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OpenOffice 4.1.2 on WIN7 Pro
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Re: Extrusion icon on Drawing/Extrusion bars never enable!?

Postby FJCC » Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:31 am

I almost never use Draw, so I can only be of limited help. If I draw a shape from the Basic Shapes icon, the one I have highlighted in the image below, then the Extrusion On/Off button is active. I can convert shapes drawn after selecting the Ellipse or Rectangle icons that are near the left end of the tool bar by right clicking on them and selecting Convert -> To 3D.
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Re: Extrusion icon on Drawing/Extrusion bars never enable!?

Postby DingBEN » Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:12 pm

...thank you so much... had tried that repeatedly to no avail.
reading your post, tried again, with a clean slate, NEW document and got it to show.
Thank you for your effort, although as you put it, limited, yet successful.

Telling it as it is, it still royally sucks! So many holes to trip on... ridiculous.
Documentation so scattered one must read and read and read LAME PROSAIC instructions, luck up on some clue as to how something will or won't behave!
Several sets of instructions(more confusion) under the OO, Apache or Open Office label, all at best sketchy except for the
half decent: [ https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Docume ... Draw_Guide ] ...and that's sketchy at its own level.

...options/menus constantly disappearing/reappearing from the screen is RIDICULOUS, no option to lock them visible.
One must place the menus in such a way that the screen does not end up shifting up/down/left/right and live with constant blinking!

...ALT key deep drill into the objects stack should work on WINDOWS yet fails(WIN7 Pro)... having to figure out what is the deal on that!?
TAB does not cycle thru individual objects in groups... no help here... and when lots of objects USELESS!
Digging in the documentation.forum is again useless. No consistency on topic naming/priority wording!
It's like being in a junk yard looking for parts not knowing if the car sought is even there!?
GEEKS simply have no clue when it comes to intuitive structuring! Users are more than clueless at topic naming.
The majority of posts start with "HOW WILL I GO AROUND THE BLOCK before I tell you the keyword which should be first!"
...and so-called documentation experts are crap! ...barely good enough for LAME PROSE! 10 lines to read to see what could be in a 5 short lines bullet list!
I see so many people frustrated with this lameness, it seems the creators would pay attention.
In the business a lifetime, I see little progress.

MS Word sucks, one would think OO would at least match that level of sucking then improve... puhh!
Yes more features yet LOSS of features from Word that make it yet another point of contention to not waste massive learning curve time with crappy documentation.

Try to figure out how to keep OOWriter from screwing up your 24 hour typed TIME, when you have no clue where they may have buried that option!?
DISGUSTING! Help USELESS, Documentation USELESS... have to go to web and dig and dig to luck up on someone who mentioned it!
I should be able to type TIME in help and ALLL ALLLLL ALLLL about time is documented in ONE PLACE!

I have not given up yet, but I sense it won't be long before I trash this! I had tried it years ago and abandoned... I can see why!
Thanks for your help!
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