Issue with locking layers

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Issue with locking layers

Postby hargrove » Fri May 01, 2015 10:57 pm

Wanted to post this since I did not find this behavior described anywhere in the forum. A good solution to my specific problem was posted in response to a related question about layers unlocking back in 2012, so this is for situational awareness. I am running W8 with MSIE 11 and have encountered a fair number of intermittent problems like this on a number of different web sites.

Short version. When I lock a layer, whether or not the elements are actually locked appeared intermittent. I can click on it one time and it will be locked, click on the same element again, and find that it is not locked and can be moved, even though when I check the layer properties, the layer is still Locked. Which behavior appears to be completely random and intermittent

In case others have a similar issue. I am using OOD to layout plans for stringed instruments. I like to have one master diagram that shows the complete instrument with details of internal bracing, fretboard, etc. I also want to copy selected parts into another page to use as templates for certain of the individual components. The drawings are pretty intricate, and I am fairly clumsy. So I wanted to lock the drawing so that I didn't inadvertently move things around in the process of selecting those component parts. The solution to the post back in 2012 (Select All>F4>Protect) is perfect. I can cut and paste without having to worry about inadvertently dragging something out of place.

The one thing that concerned me initially was that protection appeared to be tied to the objects. In other words, any items I copy and paste are protected on all the layers, and even in a new document, if cut and pasted there. Fortunately, Unprotecting doesn't appear to propagate back to the original.

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