Hyperlinks do not open consistently in slide show mode

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Hyperlinks do not open consistently in slide show mode

Postby Euglena » Tue Dec 18, 2007 2:56 am

Summary of problem: In slide show mode, more than half of our hyperlinks are not even recognized as hyperlinks (no pointing finger on mouse over) and will not open, even though they open fine in edit mode.

I regularly embed hyperlinks in text, so that I can click on the text to open an image. For example, I can make "H2O" a hyperlink that opens a .jpg file of a water molecule.

In Impress edit mode, all hyperlinks "work". That is, after a hyperlink is created, upon mouse over, the pointer changes to a pointing finger. When clicked, the image opens. This is the case with ALL hyperlinks in edit mode.

However, in slide show mode, less than 50% of the links are even recognized, let alone open. That is, even though all hyperlinks are "hyperlink color" in slide show mode, and will open in edit mode, 1/2 or more are not even recognized in slide show mode.

We have compared dialog boxes side by side for those that work and those that do not. Two of us have looked at this several times over several days. They are identical in every way. I've attached a screen shot of a dialog box for one that works and of one that does not.

I have even tried copying the path name from a working hyperlink into the path box of a non-working one (to test the hypothesis that there is a problem with the path name). The non-working link still will not work.

I'm attaching screen shots of a hyperlink dialog box for a nonworking link (top) and a working link (bottom).

I have just downloaded and installed version 2.3.1 in hopes that this bug had been repaired. It has not.

I have worked for days trying to solve this problem. We have searched the entire community forum and an older version of it, and have done a google search on it, and found posts about this problem. But so far, no one has addressed it in a way that helps.

Please help us solve this problem.


Tech details: PC running Windows XP pro. Open office version 2.3.1.
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Re: Hyperlinks do not open consistently in slide show mode

Postby Hagar Delest » Sat Dec 22, 2007 12:03 am

Can you upload a slide with a hyperlink not working ?
I've tried with several links to this forum and the OOo issue tracker and it works fine in slide show mode (but my browser in opened behind the presentation, so I don't see anything until I escape the show).

I've found that old request : Issue 13439 - Active Hyperlinks in Impress Slide. I would have thought it was already implemented.
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