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Bullet issues

Postby coolguy1541 » Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:07 am

The bugs in OO with bullets render it almost useless.
The promote demote buttons don't work. Sometimes the short cuts alt+shift+ arrow key works but sometimes it doesn't. Doesn't matter if you create text box from the layout panel on the right or from the icons on the bottom. And if you try to paste anything it automatically loses all bullet formatting for that line. And for some reason I will get bullets in different colors and slightly different indentation from the left. I'm pulling my hair out just trying to do a basic presentation. I have never had this problem with impress in the past and I didn't see any good solutions posted.
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Re: Bullet issues

Postby acknak » Sun Nov 15, 2015 2:12 pm

Greetings and welcome to the community forum!

I also have a lot of problems using bullets in Impress, but maybe I can help sort out some of the confusion.

Doesn't matter if you create text box from the layout panel on the right or from the icons on the bottom.

These two things appear similar but they are actually completely different in Impress. The content boxes from the slide layouts (these have the "Click to add text" placeholder are controlled by "Presentation styles". The text boxes from the Drawing toolbar at the bottom are generic graphics objects and are controlled through "Graphics styles".

As far as I understand, the content areas are meant for text that should be consistent between slides--the primary slide content. Text boxes are meant for "free floating" text: labels in diagrams or notes that are outside the main content.

As usual in OO, things work (a little) better when you use styles to manage formatting. Format > Styles and Formatting: ON (or the styles view in the Sidebar in the current versions of OO) will give you access to all the styles. Formatting through styles keeps the formatting consistent and allows (in theory) to easily manage the text formatting for the entire presentation.

As far as copy/paste, try Edit > Paste > As Unformatted text. This means that OO will use the existing formatting for the pasted text. If you use plain Edit > Paste, OO tries to preserve the formatting of the pasted text and this often leads to problems. The result will depend on exactly what you select and where you paste it--OO is not terribly consistent in this. And things will work very differently using content boxes vs. plain text boxes.
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