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"Connecting" multiple shapes

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 6:48 am
by LeroyTennison
With two drawing objects selected, right-clicking and selecting Connect produces a result that I don't know how to describe (contextual help says "Creates a line or Bezier curve by connecting two or more lines, Bezier curves or other objects with a line"). Can anyone explain to me how the objects are connected (the principles for deciding what points are redrawn and to where)?

Re: "Connecting" multiple shapes

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 8:09 am
by RoryOF
I don't use Draw very often so may be utterly off target. As I see it, the Connect command joins the start and end points of first shape to the start and end points of second shape. Whether the connection is start to start and end to end, or start to end and end to start I haven't worked out - I leave that to you!

Sometimes it diverts the last line to connect - same also in Impress.

The Help file says
Connecting Lines
When you connect lines, lines are drawn between neighbouring endpoints.
To connect lines:
1. Select two or more lines.
2. Right-click and choose Modify - Connect.
To create a closed object, right-click a line and choose Close Object.

You can only use the Close Object command on connected lines, Free-form Lines and unfilled Curves.

Re: "Connecting" multiple shapes

PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:16 am
by LeroyTennison
That's my challenge - determining how the points to connect are selected. Draw a square (or rectangle) then draw a circle. Move the circle to overlap the square/rectangle. I've noticed that the bottom line of the square/rectangle is selected but how the points on the circle are selected eludes me.

Re: "Connecting" multiple shapes

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:52 am
by josef_P
Thanks RoryOF. I found your reply very helpful.