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[Solved] Created a slideshow but it keeps losing pictures

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 4:40 pm
by sandyMc
I'm using OO-Impress v4.1.7 on a Windows 10 Home Edition PC. I installed the PhotoAlbum extension by jnavrati I am very much a novice user.

I created a simple (but long) slideshow of family photo's. I created this for my daughters wedding so I REALLY NEED TO MAKE THIS WORK. Each slide is simply an individual photograph and it is 137 slides long and runs for about 6 1/2 minutes. It took me most of the day to create this mostly due to the selecting the photos and then sorting of the slides to get them into the right order. I spent a lot of time with this. Now I'm frustrated beyond measure as I'm basically out of time to make this work.

I have it finished on my home computer and all of the slides are there in the 'Slides' window on the left side. I can run it and it (usually) works perfect with every slide showing. Sometimes it will not load a picture and that slide will show a blank box with only a file path name showing. Usually if I click 'Reload' from the File menu, it will properly load those pictures.

Once I got it working with all of the slides/pictures showing I saved the file to the cloud in the hopes that I would be able to pull it up from there and just run it. The file is 36MB. I'm now on my computer at work (Windows 10 running Impress 4.1.7 also) and pulling up the file from the cloud. It has now lost the most (80+%) pictures in the individual slides. ARGH..... I had also copied it off of my original/home computer onto a USB drive but it has the same issue when I try to run it -missing pictures.

How do I make sure that the photo's are embedded into the file and/or make them show up. HELP. :crazy:

Re: Created a slideshow but it keeps losing the pictures

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 5:28 pm
by sandyMc
I did do some searching on the forum and found this thread: viewtopic.php?f=71&t=86682

"6. Using linked images instead of embedded images..."
All of the photo's (JPG Files) were inserted using the same method: Insert>Picture>From File using the defaults - "Link" unchecked. I also checked the Links (Edit>Links) and it does show a bunch of files have links and I will try the 'Break Links' to try and get the photo's embedded. I'm assuming that I would need to do that on the original computer that has all of the original photo files. I sure hope it's that simple. Also not sure how large that's going to make the file but as long as it runs, I don't care much about that.

There's also a discussion concerning "3. Know how many pixels you need -" and changing that. However, since this is going to be projected onto an 8ft screen, I'm afraid to mess with the image quality.

Re: Created a slideshow but it keeps losing the pictures

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 5:43 pm
by RoryOF
You should consider installing the timed/dated backup extension which can be downloaded from

Note that you must invoke it separately using its button; it does not replace the standard save mechanism.

One Forum volunteer, John_Ha, would recommend using LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice; LibreOffice claim to have fixed the picture loss problem.

I use OO on Xubuntu, and have not lost pictures over a period of several years, both creating and editing large presentations and some booklets and books since I disabled the saving of Autorecovery information and the automatic making of backups. However, I use Xubuntu and the behaviour might differ on Windows. With these settings disabled, the responsibility for making regular backups is on you.

Re: Created a slideshow but it keeps losing the pictures

PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2020 6:16 am
by sandyMc
Just to follow up. I did a lot of monkey motion and chasing my tail in OO and then decided to switch to LibreOffice and that fixed all of the problems with the images disappearing.